The Gallery Project

On Inworldz the first interesting project I worked on was my gallery. When I was starting out I would explore the map looking for people. It was fun, many of them were creators, designers and sim owners. Sometimes they would give me a nice tour and show me what they were working on. I became friends with Elsie Moon the owner of Button Moon.

Elsie Moon

Elsie Moon on her building platform

We would hang out and show each other the things we were working on and share ideas. I also got to know some of her friends, one of them was Scarlot Verrazzano.

One day while we were bored we decided to take some snapshots, I’d played with Depth of field, windlight and other settings before so we had a great time taking pics of her outfits at different places.



I thought the image below looked like the cover of a sports magazine and starting thinking about how to make some more interesting images.

Scarlots Heart bum

Scarlots Heart bum

Elsie and Scarlot really liked the results and were supportive of the idea of taking pics for people. Over time I collected a lot of pics and after showing them the pics Id taken Elsie suggested I should set up a gallery on her sim.

In a way Elsie took me under her wing in Inworldz when I was starting out and still hosts my gallery to this day.

You can visit the gallery.

Gallery Inworld

Gallery Inworld

Gallery Inworld

Gallery Inworld

Most of my pics are not edited at all apart from the large ones and thats because they lose detail as you scale them up even if you use the highest settings in world.


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