Firestorm OS Setup

The version I’m using when I wrote this article is Phoenix_FirestormOS-Beta_i686_4.5.1.38838O. When you download it make sure you get the OS version. You can download Firestorm OS here.

This is how I set it up for easily taking photo-like snapshots.

After installing it, first I like to customize the toolbar, on the top left chose “Avatar” then “Toolbar Buttons”.

This will bring up a window that allows us to drag the buttons we want onto the toolbar.

I choose Phototools Camera, Phototools, Snaphot and Snapshot to disk. Just hold down left click and drag them onto the position you want.

Then Under the “Advanced menu” disable the camera constraints and select High-res Snapshot and Quiet Snapshots,

Now you are pretty much ready to go and can move onto Windlight Settings.


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