New Squeak! Club Website

I doubt I’ll blog here anymore so please visit my latest project the Squeak! project.

We have over 2500 members and events everyday and the most active community on Inworldz

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The Gallery Project

On Inworldz the first interesting project I worked on was my gallery. When I was starting out I would explore the map looking for people. It was fun, many of them were creators, designers and sim owners. Sometimes they would give me a nice tour and show me what they were working on. I became friends with Elsie Moon the owner of Button Moon.

Elsie Moon

Elsie Moon on her building platform

We would hang out and show each other the things we were working on and share ideas. I also got to know some of her friends, one of them was Scarlot Verrazzano.
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Firestorm OS Setup

The version I’m using when I wrote this article is Phoenix_FirestormOS-Beta_i686_4.5.1.38838O. When you download it make sure you get the OS version. You can download Firestorm OS here.

This is how I set it up for easily taking photo-like snapshots.

After installing it, first I like to customize the toolbar, on the top left chose “Avatar” then “Toolbar Buttons”.

This will bring up a window that allows us to drag the buttons we want onto the toolbar.

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Essential Windlight Settings

Windlight entry on the secondlife wiki:

WindLight is the codename for Second Life’s atmospheric rendering system that enhances skies, lighting, and other graphical aspects of the environment. “WindLight” is commonly used by Residents to refer to photographs and machinima that include such effects.

When starting out its essential to have a good selection of windlight settings then you can move onto creating your own as you need them.

Strawberry Singh has a thorough article about Windlight Settings, make sure to check that out before you continue.

Read the article and try some of the settings as you go. I’m not taking credit for these settings but you can download my collection of windlight settings.
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Inworldz beta Setup

InWorldz_Beta_x86_64_2.2.8.34923 was released on Dec. 13 2013 and its always a good idea to check out the latest beta.

This is how I set it up for easily taking photo-like snapshots.

The big feature for this viewer is the built in mesh deformer.

Visit the portal for the Latest Official InWorldz Viewers and look on the bottom right for the list and download and install the version for your operating system.

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